Abroad / What if mytholigical creatures had cultural exchange programs?
Two exchange students must work together to find the mysterious creature that hunts the International School of Mermaids and save the International Program.
@ElGatoPlaylistero is a social media account mainly based in Spotify and Instagram that connects people though music, playlists and adorable cat memes. The challenge was to design a character that represents the brand's friendly, adaptable and fun personality. Toribio is an adorable adopted cat who loves music and is secretly an influencer.
Kuxa'an / What if a genius kid builds a lab at an abandoned Mayan archeological site?
Balam is a genius boy from Yucatan with a secret lab located in an undiscovered Mayan archeological site. He designs and brings Kalam to life, a flying robot snake inspired by the art around the temple.
This project was developed for my Visual Development and Storyboard class at De Anza College based on the premise of Mad Scientist and his Creation.
Costume Design
Developed for the Audio-Fanfic project Avatar: La Nueva Era by @KukulEstudio
Style exploration exercise

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